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For many years, Les Emballages Poly-Pro has been recongnized for its great service. From the biggest to the smallest, every customer is important to us. When you contact us, be assured we will take all the time required in order to determine your needs and suggest you the perfect products for your specific needs.

We have a kind, personnal and quick service. We always respond to your calls within 24 to 48 hours maximum. If you are ordering stock item, we will ship the same day or the day after.

We are constantly working to offer you the latest products in packaging.


Our perfect service will exceed your expectations!


Foil or metalized: which one to choose?


Presently on the market, there is no other type of packaging that gives you a better barrier than aluminium.  While manufacturing the bags, an aluminium sheets is insert between two layers of material.  Advantages:  Excellent barrier for: U.V. rays, humidity and air exchange.  Tehse advantages will give you a very good shelf life time.


Metalized and aluminium packaging have a similar appearance and a metalized bag also offers a nice quality packaging.   While manufacturing the bags, metallic ink is injected in material to increase density and opacity.  Metallized packaging won't give you the same overall efficiency as the aluminium, but it is superior to a plastic packaging and will give you a better shelf life time than plastic.

You may review the chart below for any  further information.


Lamination           U.V.             Air                Humidity

Foil                      100%           100%               100%

Metalized             80%             70%                 70%

Color Poly            50%             40%                 30%

Clear Poly            0%                40%                 30%

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