SOS bag

Our SOS bags are available in more than five practical sizes. Ideal for transporting products, these bags are made from a single layer of kraft paper. They are easily customizable with our hot stamping process, labels and printing technologies.

  • Kraft
Sizes available
1/2 lb3"1,9"5,75"
1 lb3,5"2,4"6,5"
2 lb4,25"2,5"8"
3 lb4,8"2,9"8,25"
5 lb5,25"3,4"10,5"
6 lb6"3,6"11"
7 lb6"3,6"12,5"
8 lb6,25"3,75"12,5"
10 lb6,5"4"13,25"
12 lb7,25"4,25"13,75"
14 lb7,75"4,25"14,5"
20 lb8,25"5,25"16"
30 lb9,75"6"16"

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